FHT Business Partner Benefits

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We can help your practice make more money by creating multiple additional cash income streams to grow your business. Who can’t use a bit more cash coming in the door?

  • Affiliate Sales Reimbursement for memberships referred from your business. The only exception is for care providers bound by Stark Laws.
  • Your own Online Dispensary of professional-grade nutraceuticals at prices that beat Amazon Prime 8 out of 10 times.
  • Seasonal & Annual Impulse Buy Counter Programs. Co-branded counter programs promoted by print materials and across FHT social media and email platforms that allow you to sell to your clients over your own counter for such things as Mother’s Day and Cold & Flu Season.

FHT provides your clients with convenient access to one-on-one and group classes delivered via telemedicine right to their home in the areas of:

  • Functional Medicine
  • Detoxification
  • Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching
  • Ancient Healing Arts such as Oriental & Ayurvedic Medicine
  • Physical Fitness
  • Financial Fitness
  • Food Preparation
  • Music Therapy
  • Stress and Sleep Support services … and more,

without the expense of employees dedicated to providing these valuable services. We only provide those services your clients need. Your business takes care of the rest. FHT Care Plans support your continued services with your client in writing to your client.

FHT provides regular promotional opportunities such as:

  •  FHT Academy, a monthly networking and business exposure opportunity in which you may participate in person or on live online stream.
  • Listing in FHT regional directory, promoting you to all FHT Client Members in your area.
  • On-Site Open Houses, a chance to open your doors to all FHT Client Members so they can see your business shine.
  • Speaking and Presentation Opportunities at FHT Academies.

When you know just the right place for your client to get the supplemental care they need, it simply makes you look good. At FHT, we make heroes of health care providers and help them become more profitable in the process.

    Are you a health care provider?

    We work in close partnership with health and wellness entrepreneurs to create vibrant local health and wellness awareness. Reach out and let's explore working together.


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    Interested in supporting clients as a Functional Health Team Health Coach?

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