FHT Pilot Program

Did you know 9 out of 10 human pathologies are related to inflammation?

   … that 8 out of the top 10 things Americans perish from involve inflammation?

Please understand, this is not to be a “doomsday crier”, but to point out that inflammation is a very basic, generic response to multiple and various sources of injury/insult to the human body. It is a “first responder” for anything from spraining your ankle, to infection, to exercise, to a burn, bite or allergic encounter …

The bottom line is that finding, identifying, mitigating and eliminating the CAUSES of your inflamed systems are ESSENTIAL TO LONGEVITY. And, unfortunately, the reality is that this is NOT the standard of medical care offered to your friends and family. They are on drugs to manipulate symptoms and blood chemistry values in a war waged against socially and commercially inflated ideas, all the while ignoring the underlying causes of imbalances in the natural order of things. They will never win that way. Which is where the mission of Functional Health Team comes in. We are experts in inflammation. We are experts in truly holistic health.

There isn’t a drug that will do it. There isn’t one supplement or diet that will do it. Did you wear contacts or take oral contraceptives in the 80’s or 90’s … you’ve accumulated Mercury. Do you eat only organic food? No? The Glyphosate you’ve ingested will raise your blood sugar AND cholesterol.

FHT Members engage deeply in a process of Healing KAIZEN.

KAIZEN – an eastern principle meaning BIG RESULTS come from making

SMALL CHANGES OVER TIME based upon the most current evidence.

In our world today, you have to learn these things. If you don’t, then you stay in the 80-90% of the population that gets the big problems. IF YOU DO CHOOSE TO ENTER THE UPPER 10-20% in terms of educated healthy individuals, then YOU HAVE THE BEST CHANCES OF FEELING AND FUNCTIONING WELL IN OLD AGE … bottom line.

World Cloud with a health floating above the palm of a hand

Imagine …

No more driving across town to wait in a waiting room …

No need to wait weeks before an appointment for answers to your questions …

How does Functional Health Team do this?

… Read on to find out

Functional Health Team is a health & wellness membership practice, which provides a one-of-a-kind service.

FHT’s full Membership program provides ON DEMAND, NO TRAVEL, NO WAIT SERVICES and Members have access to:

  1. Functional Medicine doctor (your personal Health Detective)
  2. Supportive services in the areas of Stress Management, Nutritional Counseling, Music Therapy, Detoxification and much more …
  3. One-on-one consults with your health team
  4. Group classes on all sorts of topics such as detoxifying your home/office/life; how to consistently create delicious and nutritious meals while maintaining a busy schedule … and much, much more.
  5. Membership access to articles, videos and resources to help make your life easier!
  6. Online forum and our Closed Facebook Group to obtain and share information and healthy strategies.
  7. Professional / Therapeutic grade supplements, essential oils, personal and home care products at prices beating Amazon Prime.
  8. Exclusive offers to local providers of massage, acupuncture and many other holistic health services.

And those are simply some of your membership benefits…


During this pilot program, to which a friend has specially invited you, you may choose from 3 offerings of our services. These will only be offered in September, October & November 2017.

  1. $45 -Provides you access to 2 (two) 30-min group classes of your choice AND 1 (one) 20-min one-on-one session with a FHT coach in the area of your choice each month.
  2. $90 – Provides you with everything from #1 PLUS a 40-min one-on-one Core Alignment personal coaching session with the Core Alignment specialist of your choice each month.
  3. $135 – Provides you with everything from #1 & #2 PLUS a 20-min Functional Medicine consultation with Dr. Matthew Flory, a Functional Medicine doctor, Care Coordinator and founder of FHT.