What’s Holding You Back?

Thyroid Disease

Woman with hands on her neckFunctional Health Team helps women, frustrated by their Thyroid symptoms, finally find a doctor who will listen, understand their condition and create a team of practitioners with answers that make sense … and as a result avoid or often get off medications because they feel better.

Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular Disease

Functional Health Team supports men and women living with the threat of Cardiovascular disease, along their path to achieving cleaner arteries so they can live a long, happy and active life.


Man with head up against a wallFunctional Health Team believes that life-robbing problems like Depression and Anxiety are a very big deal and that it’s necessary to have united physical, mental and emotional support to “get over it.” Nobody should feel alone, in a dark place, and think to themselves, “Well, there goes another day wasted.” Together we can overcome depression … Dr. Flory did it … you can too.

Auto-Immune Disease

Auto-Immune Disease Functional Health Team understands Auto-Immune Disease and offers a “health detective” approach to lead sufferers down the path of understanding their complicated and horrifying condition and why their immune system is attacking their body. Concerted efforts to balance the immune system results in major improvement and empowerment to reclaim lost parts of one’s life.

Infertility/Preconception Planning

Couple looking at a home pregnancy testCouples with the goal of creating a healthy family have complex question of how to get there and begin a new chapter of their lives. Function Health Team provides guidance for these important questions and the ones following the birth experience.

Gastro-Intestinal Disease

Male with hands on his stomachConvoluted and confusing symptoms, which occur in people with Gastrointestinal disorders, such as heartburn, bloating, constipation, back pain, diarrhea, cramps and discolored stools can seem like minor aggravations at first, but can often build into much more debilitating experiences. Functional Health Team leads distraught clients to a future without limitations of GI urgency and pain.


Female Diabetic Injecting Themselves With InsulinIt can come as a surprise when your doctor brings up Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes to you because in it’s early stages there can be very little symptoms, often ones we are taught to ignore. This is why it is known as a “silent killer.” Even more frustrating is that traditional medical management doesn’t attempt to fix the problem, but only medicates you while you continue to eat the same things allowing you to continue to decline further. With proper dietary support, exercise, nutritional counseling and supplements, Diabetes and Insulin Resistance can be reversed, often completely.

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