Functional Health Team works with people who are concerned with their future path. They often have or are developing a chronic health condition, or want to avoid a family health condition that scares them.

Many FHT clients had concerns about their family Health History and developments in their own health. Some want to protect themselves from known family issues … and others need to deal with conditions that they seemed to develop out of nowhere.

One thing that our clients don’t often know originally, but are quickly relieved to find out, is that 75 – 90% of ALL DIAGNOSIS are driven by inflammation. So shouldn’t your health care team try to figure out what’s causing your inflammation? Why aren’t they?

This is the foundation of our specific process called CAUSE-based Medicine.

We do this by using epigenetics. Have you heard of it? It basically says that by controlling our environment, we can control how our DNA expresses itself. You can actually change what your body gives you … pretty cool stuff.

Unfortunately, traditional medicine falls short at this. It is designed to keep you alive, not to help you thrive.

So, if traditional medicine is not the answer, what is?  What are your options?

The one thing that doesn’t change in this world is that everything changes … change is inevitable. Our body is designed to adapt continually. We are trained to think of this as ‘getting sick’ (developing symptoms) and ‘getting healthy’ (feeling better).

Only once we ask the right questions, can we know exactly where we stand today and then build a path toward the future goal, your return to health.

By asking deeper, more meaningful questions than a traditional medical experience, we develop a functional understanding of where you are today. Then we assist in creating a plan to intentionally design your environment, so you can adapt to it and get your health on track.

We help you take it one step at a time … and change one thing at a time, ending up empowered and healthier and ready to do it on your own!

Our Worry-Free Process

We are with you every step of the way, from first contact to the better life you deserve.


Step One

Don't worry. It's a conversation, not a commitment. Reach out to connect with us.


Step Two

Schedule a Discovery Session with an FHT doctor to see if we can accept your case.


Step Three

Then begin your process by taking one small, evidence-based step at a time to produce long-term, lasting change also known as Kaizen.

The FHT Mission

FHT Vision:

Guiding transformational health experiences through empowerment and education.

FHT Mission:

Providing innovative multidisciplinary care. Implementing extraordinary on-demand (convenient) support for clients using personalized, evidence-based care strategies.

Education and empowerment both individually and as a community using a Functional Medicine model.

We approach integrative client care with small, intentional and consistent steps toward growth and healthful change.

Our Core Values:

  1. Education: the more you know, the less you need us to thrive
  2. Excellence: we only collaborate with providers dedicated to high standards in their discipline
  3. Environment: creating the climate and conditions for healing and engaging community support
  4. Integrity: dispelling marketing myths and replacing hype with individualized and effective answers
  5. Kaizen: small, consistent steps based upon evidence and employed with the intention to learn and grow

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