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Top-notch Mobile App to keep your healthcare team In Your Pocket.

Just like our Every other Divi Product, we don’t leave Responsiveness behind. The same goes for Molti. It comes with a 100% Responsive design so your site can be viewed from all screen sizes.

✔ Mobile Responsive    ✔ Tablet Responsive

The Next Level of the Collaborative Healthcare.

The Molti Ecommerce version brings you many amazing benefits and one of them is the Advance Dropdown Menu. We’ve Improved the Advance Dropdown with a nice Hamburger Animation and more content to fit in. And It feels way more cool now. The Old version is available as well.

FHT is now a proud

Emergent Wellness Partner/Company

The Molti Ecommerce provides you many stunning Design for your next Ecommerce site/Store with WooCommerce. With many hover effects, Stunning Functionalities and never before seen features will make you say WOW!

Core Features of Emergent Wellness

Infact Molti Ecommerce is a perfect choice for your next Ecommerce site or any kind of Business site. It fits for all. Here are some core features:

Product Filters

Easily Filter Products to your liking with a nice interface.

Unique Cart & Checkout

You’ll get a really cool Cart & Checkout Page Experience!

Quick View

Click the Quick View Icon on any Product to quickly view details.

Custom Login Page

Molti Ecommerce provides a very Nice Login/Register Page.

Customized Shop Module

The Molti Ecommerce provides a really cool Shop Module Design.

Sleek Wishlist

Molti Ecommerce also provides a sleek Wishlist Experience!

A Mind Blowing 🤯

Wellness Experience!

Describe the Multi-Provider, Multi-Proven-Product Wellness Marketplace …

All-in-one Wellness

Product & Service  Marketplace

Molti Ecommerce also provides a Ajax based Cart Popup Drawer that shows your Cart Items, Coupon Form, Related Products and much more. It shows up when you add a new Product to the Cart & provides a really nice opening animation.

A Wellness Wish List

& Simple Searching For

Exactly What You Want!

A Search Form is always required for Shop Website so that people can easily Search for what they’re looking for. So to make it easy Molti Ecommerce also provides a really nice Products Search Form that really makes it easy to Search.

The Best Wellness Care on the Market

Molti Ecommerce is literally the best Child Theme ever created in the whole Market. With It’s amazing Multipurpose design and Ecommerce Functionalities It really shines.

Multiprovider & Collaborative Holistic Health Programs

Molti Ecommerce provides you all the features to run Business site or an Ecommerce site or both at the same time.

Some More Stunning Features

Local Wellness Events

Learn how to conquer Weight Loss, Diabetes, Anxiety & Depression …

Meetup &

Activity Groups

From Yoga to Hiking to Thai Chi …

DIY Wellness Info Archive

Do you like to learn and do it yourself … then our FHT Academy Archive is for you!

Cool FAQ Page

You’ll also see a cool looking FAQ Page with Custom created Tabs and when you click on them they show related FAQs with a smooth animation.

Stunning Animations

Molti Ecommerce packs really cool & stunning animations with it to make sure that your users enjoy your site while browsing.

And much More…

10 Cool Header Designs

Stunning Header Designs

With many Theme Builder Templates Molti also Provides 10 Cool Header Designs for any kind of website, simply choose a design that suits you and make it yours.

10 Awesome Footer Designs

Amazing Footer Designs

With Molti Child Theme you don’t only get many amazing Designs and Functionalities It also provides you 10 Awesome Footer Designs that fit any kind of website.

80+ Unique & Feature Rich

Elements Designs

Molti Provides more than 80 Unique Elements/Custom Divi Module Designs which are just fantastic to the eyes. We’ve separated a few of them which are just Fantabulous for you to use later.

More Benefits of Molti Ecommerce

We don’t stop just there. Here are some more Perks If you grab the Molti Ecommerce.

Dedicated Professionals

We only work with Providers that Keep Clients Top of Mind and 1st in their Hearts.

Awesome Support

We Provide a Dedicated Pathway Navigator to Guide You along Your Journey.

Divi 4.0 Ready


100% Intuitive Design

No clicking around, unsure of What’s Next. When you need help we’re there.

Easy To Follow

Our Programs & Protocols won’t leave you confused and on your own.

A Great Idea?

We’ve tried to think of everything. But we are also up for suggestions!

Discover What's Possible in 1 Minute


Create the Life You always

envisioned for yourself!

So what are you waiting for, grab the Molti Ecommerce Child Theme and create your next Ecommerce or any kind of website using it and create stunning websites of any kind.

Where you can Buy:

From our Official Site

From Divi Marketplace

Our Commitment to Quality & Service


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Custom Service

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Functional Health Team is a leader in collaborative wellness care and developing community to support our health & wellness.  We are made up of people who want to develop a healthy life and the providers who help them.


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