Remove the Barriers that hinder doctors and wellness practitioners from working together as your
“Health Detective Network.”

Functional Health Teams have curative tools for mind, body and spirit that go beyond any previous patient care model.

This has the potential to change your life.

your health detectives are here to help!

Our Simple Process:

  1. Consultation – “Have a conversation with one of our Care Coordinators to determine if and how we can help you.”
  1. Collecting Information – “If we can help, we will begin the process of collecting necessary information to begin your Return to Health.”
  1. Choose your FHT Team Members and begin.

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Functional Medicine Doctors

Functional Medicine Doctors

Personal & Professional Growthstress management

Individualized Detoxification

Detoxification Specialist

Music Therapists

Music Therapy

Functional Nutritionists

Licensed Nutritionists & Registered Dietitians


Pharmacist vitamins, supplements and medications

Fitness Specialists

Exercise Specialists

Eating Psychology Specialists

Eating Psychology Specialists

Are you a professional in the area of Health and Wellness?

We work in close partnership with a variety of health and wellness entrepreneurs to create vibrant local health and wellness awareness. Reach out to us ... let's see how we can work together.

Woman Laptop Online Chat with Doctor

You may also contact us directly with questions about becoming a part of the Functional Health Team.

Email: info@functionalhealthteam.com

Phone (888) 474-1888

Client Success Stories

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“FHT helped TF isolate the cause of his vertigo to an underlying infection and Leaky Gut, which was contributing to Auto-Immune Vertigo symptoms. FHT began a protocol with TF to fix the infection, then balance his immune function. His Vertigo is gone.”

TF – male, 27 yo, Vertigo, Back Pain

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