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Our Success Stories

It will be as simple as occidental in fact, it will be Occidental. It will be as simple as occidental in fact, it will be Occidental.

LH – female, 28 yo

Constipation, Headaches, Psoriasis, Acne, Fatigue, Acid Reflux

JB – female, 63 yo

High Blood Pressure, Elevated Glucose, High Cholesterol

GG – male, 33 yo

IBS, Allergies

Functional Health Team saved my life!

FHT helped LH identify significant intestinal problems (bacterial overgrowth & presence of Candida) plus diminished detoxification function of her colon, which led to her symptoms. LH began FHT protocols to fix her gut & detoxification function. Her symptoms are gone.

Can’t Believe their Quality Service, It was Awesome!

JB wanted a plan to bring her cholesterol down. FHT made one for her and she experienced greatly increased energy and decreased hunger, and it fixed her chronic sinus infections, eczema, dry mouth, snoring, tremors and her body began burning fat and losing weight.

I Felt So Bad, but now I Feel So GOOD!

GG looked healthy. He believed that the anxiety, short-fuse, heart palpitations, brain fog, jittery feelings and frequent sweating was normal when he ‘needed to eat something.’ He asked FHT to help when he began to notice blood in his stool. FHT found overgrowth of Geotrichum fungus, SIBO, Leaky Gut and very poor protein absorption. Within 30 days his GI bleed stopped and he began to feel good.

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