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Functional Health Team members enjoy a whole body, “health detective” style approach to their health care. We believe in the Golden Rule … which in our business means genuine doctor-patient support and being there for people when they need it … any day they need it. We realize that by making small, important changes you can create a firm foundation for your future and take an active role in designing your life.

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Our Process

We are with you every step of the way, from first contact to the better life you deserve.


Step One

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Reach out and connect with us. It's a conversation, not a commitment.


Step Two

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Have one conversation with an FHT doctor and you'll understand how we can help.


Step Three

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Choose the plan of action and team members that suit your individual needs.


Step Four

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Begin with the basics, our proprietary program to increase your potential for accomplishing your health goals.


Step Five

No waiting before you begin your improvement. Waiting for countless tests and results can be very un-motivating.


Step Six

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Meet with your team and begin taking steps toward a healthy future.


Step Seven is Ongoing

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From this point on your Functional Health Team will help you achieve your goals, supporting you as needed and requested.

Patient-powered healthcare specifically designed by you

People are hearing more and more about Functional Medicine and its empowering, successful outcomes. After deciding to dedicate his clinic to the practice of Functional Medicine, Dr. Matthew Flory saw this happen repeatedly, inspiring him to expand the concept and to create Functional Health Team.

As FMPs, Dr. Flory and his colleagues see patients with methylation disorders, chronic inflammation and the related allergy and headache complaints, thyroid, cardiovascular and kidney problems, auto-immune conditions, blood-sugar management issues, anxiety, hyperactivity, depression and other chronic illnesses and infections. When they witnessed the results their patients were having with Functional Medicine, it planted a seed:

“What else can be done to take health and wellness to an even higher level of effectiveness?”


FHT Practitioner and Core Alignment Coach, Kat Kohler Schwatz, discusses ways to promote a healthy lifestyle in everyday living.


Top 5 Reasons Clients Love
Their Functional Health Team!

  1. They like having an understandable explanation and strategy for their condition.
  1. Turning confusing health challenges into easy to understand explanations and strategies to follow.
  1. The audio conference archiving option means no more missed information.
  1. A stop to the endless cycle of travelling to sit and wait again to fill out yet another set of forms and tell your story to yet another person.